Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hi, I'm Nikki

After a few weeks of not having internet in my apartment, we finally got it set up yesterday and I'm ready to start writing! I have definitely had a lot of nice manicures in my time, but this one I did for the second week of school this year might possible be my favourite. ever. (so far!), and that's saying something. I got the idea from a picture I saw on tumblr, but since then I haven't been able to find it so I did my best working from memory to reproduce this.

They're so simple, but they're still so pretty and feminine. The first photo is in the shade and the second was taken in the sun. For this mani I used two coats of OPI Ski Teal we Drop, and China Glaze Liquid Leather along with Konad plate m57 for the pattern and the tips, topped off with a coat of Seche Vite. Aren't they so pretty? I was heartbroken when I removed this polish, but you can see tip wear in the second picture. 

Thanks for reading my first post!

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