Saturday, February 18, 2012

OPI Holland Part 2 - Swatches and Review

Wow, finally my week from hell is over and I can post the rest of my swatches from the Holland collection! This was the half I was a little less excited about, what could possibly be new about a red, a pink, and an orange? Well, I thought wrong..
The shades I'll be showing you swatches of today are Red Lights Ahead...Where?, Kiss Me on my Tulips, and A Roll in the Hague. This post is super picture heavy, so keep reading only if you dare..
Red Lights Ahead...Where? Is so beautiful, my not-very-colour-accurate photos do not do it justice. This red is unlike any other that I own in that it is very coral. It applied like a dream, I used three coats for my photos because I've been having a little problem with all of the polishes in this part of the collection. They go on and are almost opaque in one coat, so I put one more coat on, and some pesky VNL shows up in all my pictures! I promise it's not as noticeable in real life. Anyways, I used two coats of RLA...W? for my photos. This polish dried extremely glossy. I know it's a red and as a polish addict I should say "how boring," but there's nothing boring about this colour. I've had it on my fingers and toes all week!

Unfortunately Montreal has been a gloomy, overcast nightmare this past week and I didn't get any sun to take my pictures with until I was facing minor tip wear. 

This photo? Not colour accurate. 

See the colour in the bottle? That's what this looks like.

Kiss Me on my Tulips is a very pretty blue based hot pink. It is super bright and playful and it reminds me of Barbie shoes, you know the ones I'm talking about? The formula on this was nice, but I had the same strange VNL problem. I wonder since these are so pigmented if they would work for stamping, even though they're not overly thick. I'll have to try that out..

Here it is with the flash which really brings out the blue base.

A Roll in the Hague, funny name right? My roommate's family actually live in the Hague so when I showed her this colour she squealed and said it was the perfect orange for Holland. Remember all those people decked out in orange during the 2010 World Cup? Ever since then I associated Holland with orange, and this colour was the perfect addition to the collection. This one was the problem child of these three for me, the formula was a little on the thin side. My pictures make it look kind of reddish, I'm not sure what kind of tricks my camera is trying to play on you guys but this is definitely a high pigment pure orange.

Overall I really love the Holland collection and I think OPI did a great job here. No matter how hard it is to make original pinks and reds that is exactly what they have done, I have a few comparison posts scheduled for you guys so you can see what I mean. The formula on these was interesting, I'm still confused by the extraordinary pigmentation but the awkward VNL that all my pictures show. I mean, I'm not about to layer on five coats of these polishes if they look flawless to the eye after only two coats, you know? I love these polishes, the names are cute, and they're a great addition to the Holland collection! 
Have you guys picked up any of these? What do you think?

The products in this post were generously provided to me for review.

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