Monday, April 22, 2013

Paintings Nail Art Series - "Blue Mountains"

Hi everyone! Today is the third entry in my mini nail art series inspired by paintings I found on Etsy. Today's painting, like the previous two, has been sold already. Who knew how fast these things sell! Here's the original link I have, I hope it allows you to see this lovely painting titled "Blue Mountains." I grew up near the Rockies and I love the mountains (and am heading back home in less than two weeks!)
I think this looks quite silly if you don't look at the painting for reference, haha!

Thanks so much for reading everyone, I can't wait to be finished with finals, head home, and be able to get back into the groove of painting my nails and posting for you all.


  1. I love this effect! It's such a pretty gradient mani :)

  2. such a beautiful look, i'll have to try this out myself...i'm so inspired! ;)