Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paintings Nail Art Series - "The Happy Family"

Hello everyone! Today is officially the first day of exam period for me and I'll be facing my first final exam this evening for Personality Psychology. Instead of having to stress about my blog during finals I have queued up a fun little nail art series based around some awesome paintings that I've found on Etsy!

The painting that inspired this was called "The Happy Family," but unfortunately it already sold and I can't find a photo of it - but here's a very similar one from the same seller.

The colours I used were OPI The Thrill of Brazil and China Glaze Happy Go Lucky for the gradient background. I love this look, it's so sweet!


  1. This is beautiful! My 5 year old is obsessed with yellow nail polish so I am always looking for good ideas for using yellows.

  2. I just love the red-orange-yellow gradients! this is just so stunning....very bold look ;)

  3. SO cute! I really like this design!

  4. Awe..that's really pretty/sweet! Love the colors <3