Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you've had a great day and that there are tons of kids trick-or-treating at your houses like there are currently at mine! I, unfortunately, didn't get to dress up this year due to two midterms and a 4-hour lab this week but I did get to do something lovely on my nails! Instead of me dressing up in a costume, it's like my nails are wearing their own Hello Kitty costume, haha! I followed this tutorial by Kayla Shevonne for the thumb and ring finger kittens but I was inspired by this mani by MaD Manis for the flowers on the other fingers.
Keep reading kittens! :3

The colours I used were OPI Alpine Snow, OPI Sparrow me the Drama, Love & Beauty Red and Yellow, Art Deco Black and Seche Vite.
Two whiskered kitten thumb

I know...the bow on the ring finger is awful..I'm sorry.

three whiskers!

Thanks for reading everyone and hope you're having a fun and safe Halloween! Love and Kittens, Nikki.


  1. I love Hello Kitty and this mani is sooo adorable! Great job!

  2. @Chelsea
    Thank yooou! Happy Halloween!