Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Steady as She Rose? Lilac? Lily? Lavender?

Hello and Happy Tuesday everyone! This is a queued post because I have a crazy midterm on Wednesday and I need to use every single minute to study. After all the glitzy shimmery and sparkly polishes I have had on lately it felt good to be back to a creme formula. Oh cremes - you always know how to even yourselves out perfectly... except this one. This is OPI Steady as She Rose from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection. Application was decent, it had a really hard time evening itself out on my nails so some of the ones on my right hand look a little odd, but a coat of seche and some Konad always works wonders.
SaSR is a .. well .. I'm not really sure what colour to describe it as. It's an extremely pale dusty creme that can look light purple in most lights, but once in a while I see it from the right angle and with the right lighting and I go, "oh, so THAT'S why it's called rose" and it all makes sense. It's very muted, dusty, greyed looking and really pretty and delicate. You could definitely pull this off at an office, and I think it would make a really great base colour for a lot of nail art, even a purple or pink themed splatter mani or water marble. Keep reading after the jump if you want to see what I did with this mani :)

I stamped over SaSR with China Glaze Liquid Leather (my holy grail black) and Konad plate m63. I've used the houndstooth pattern once before..and let's just say this is a big improvement! I know my konad-ing is still far from perfect..but I'm working on it! This mani looks awesome from far away, I mean it, awesome. I noticed a girl in my class today staring at my nails, that was a little big of an ego boost. Even though these macro pictures show off all the imperfections, Konading really isn't about macro-perfection, it's about the awesome effect when you see the nails from a normal viewing perspective, so don't get discouraged if you're not great at it yet! 

This is my pretty new sweater!

And a bottle comparison of SaSR and Revlon Lily which I wore about two weeks ago! Compared to a true purple like this you can really see the rosey tones of the OPI, right?

Thank you for reading everyone! Love & Polish, Nikki.

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  1. That manicure is SO pretty! I love the black stamp over that polish.