Monday, October 17, 2011

Midtown Magic

Hi everyone! It's Monday, a fresh week meaning a fresh manicure! Today's post is on China Glaze's Midtown Magic from the Metro Collection. I recently saw the entire collection being sold at Winners for 7 dollars each, it made me so mad because this happened after I bought three at full price from Chatters! Oh well, what's done has been done. Anyway! Midtown Magic is a beautiful rich brown with tiny golden and bronze fleck throughout. It's the perfect color for autumn, especially with the great earth-tones and changing leaves that comes with this season. Autumn is great, except for the fact that it's getting chillier, as well as the fact that it gets darker and darker each day. However, the moon has been incredibly bright and gorgeous to look at through the window, can't complain about that! Ok, enough rambling, here's CG Midtown Magic!

3 coats Midtown Magic
More pictures after the jump!

Sorry for the bad photo quality, I'm using a loaner camera right now because I dropped mine in the ocean this summer... I can't figure out how to use it so after a few ok pictures I just give up. Any suggestions for either a point and shoot or a mini DSLR?

Autumn leaves, will you? ;)
(photo taken at a pond during class field trip)
Thanks for reading!

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