Sunday, March 04, 2012

Stamping in the Nude

Hello everyone! Today I bring to you the final post in my mini series about Konad plate m85 which I received for review from Nail Polish Canada. I have previously posted two manicures that I did using this plate, so go back and check those out if you haven't yet!
Today I am showing you a new colour in my polish collection as well as the two final full nail patterns from the Konad plate. I used Zoya Avery as a base for this manicure which I got during the New Years promo that Zoya had in January. I love this colour, it's so nice with my skin tone and I can only imagine how perfect it will be this summer when the sun comes out and I stop resembling Dracula.
So you're probably looking at this and wondering why I did such a poor job on two of my fingers. I don't want to lead you guys on and make you think that these patterns were particularly easy to work with because quite frankly, they weren't. It's not that they were unmanageable, and look at the payoff on my pinky and index fingers, it's just that it took a lot of patience to actually pick up all the minuscule details. 

Here, once again, is a photo of the plate itself, m85. 
This plate is available for purchase from Nail Polish Canada by following this link! They have a wide selection of Konad plates on the website and the best part is that they ship the Konad plates for free within Canada. 
For more photos of my mani and some information about this plate please keep reading!

Look at how perfect it looks on my index finger! To get such accuracy I had to buff the rubber part of the stamper between each stamp. I'm not sure if it'll be like that for everyone, it just took a little more effort than some other Konad designs I've used.

Is Zoya Avery not the most perfect colour you've ever seen? I used China Glaze Liquid Leather for the stamping, as usual.

This is my last post about Konad plate m85, for now at least. I'm trying to find a way to stamp the stars on the plate into a mani, but I know that most people are interested in seeing the full nail designs first. I don't really have anything negative to say about this plate, I think Konad make great quality products and my favourite part is how the patterns cover my nail effortlessly. To get precise stamping with some of the patterns with thinner lines you might have to remain calm and patient, but they're so pretty that in my opinion it's worth it. Remember, flaws and mistakes in stamping are much more obvious in macro photos on a blog than in real life.
If you're interested in purchasing this plate you can follow this link to Nail Polish Canada. They also have quite a few other plates as well as nail art tools and even polishes. 

Thanks for reading.
xoxo Nikki

Some of the products in this post were generously sent to me for review.

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