Saturday, March 10, 2012

Waxing and Waning

Hey everyone! This is turning out to be such a great weekend so far, I hope it means that this horrible week is behind us and spring will bring new and lovely things! Today I have my very first half-moon mani attempt for you guys. My friend Elizabeth was nice enough to track down reinforcements and give them to me just so I could try this! I used two of the new Spring 2012 Quo by ORLY polishes that I previously swatched for you guys: Tease and Steel Heart.
Unfortunately I suffered some Seche Vite shrinking on my tips - please don't blame these polishes for the apparent tip wear. My lines aren't perfect but for a first time, not bad! When I showed up to university with this mani my eloquent and well spoken friend said "what's with that emo shit?" Isn't she lovely? 
Keep reading for some more photos!

My moons are a little big for my liking, next time I'll stay a little closer to the cuticle with the sticker. 

See how pretty Steel Heart is? Even in the flash I could not get it to look frosty and brushstrokey - that spells a winner for me.

Close up!
Speaking of close-ups, I have great news! My dad found me a used DSLR in like new condition for a great price, so soon enough you'll see my photos improving. I think that once I get the new camera, and a little bit of time (read: summer) I will embark on the 31 day challenge, but I want to make sure that I can do it thoroughly and not slack off. So if this is sounding too good to be true it is, I probably won't see my parents until late May or early June if they can make it down to Montreal for a visit, so I won't see my new baby until then.

I have to say, I like the half-moon look better from a distance than in the typical nail blogger pose. It's pretty and elegant and something I want to try again.
Do you have any tips for half-moon manis? What are some colour combinations you'd like to see?

Thanks for reading!

The products in this post were generously sent to me for review.

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