Thursday, May 03, 2012

Lynnderella Bottle Spam

Hey guys! Sorry about the two non-manicure posts in a row, but I've been wearing a pretty fabulous water marble that I haven't yet wanted to take off. The first thing I did when my Lynnderellas came was to take good bottle photos of them, I'm a huge fan of macro shots of all the different kinds of glitter that make up one of Lynn's masterpieces. I hope you guys are up for another pic-heavy post!

Keep reading to see more of these beautiful polishes up close and personal!
First up is Shape Shifter, which isn't actually my polish, but I took advantage of the few days it spent at my house to take some pics, thanks Lindsay!

I didn't know there was butterfly glitter?!

Lynnderella Boy-Girl Party, another one of these polishes that isn't mine, holla SofĂ­a!

I really love the diamond glitter.

Lynnderella Sweet Dreams
This was a gift from Lynn herself and means a lot to me, it is so beautiful!

One you all know and love, Lynnderella Connect the Dots!

I was torn between Snow Angel and Love, Lace and Lilacs, and I think I'm happy I opted for this one! Look at that one lonely red hex glitter on the label, how cute is it?

Forget You Not! This shade of blue is one of my favourites.

Gotta Love Brains! I can't wait to try this, it may be my favourite!

Finally The Glittering Crowd, arriving at my door days after Llarowe announced that this polish has now been discontinued. How lucky am I?

Look at all the different colours, not to mentions sizes and shapes of glitters!

What do you guys think of my bottle spam post? Are you as eager to see swatches as I am to finally put these beauties on my nails?


  1. Very fun post!! Glitterrrr... lol. :) Shape-Shifter and Boy-Girl Party are my favorites of these.

  2. WOOOW these are all gorgeous!! i really hope i can get my hands on some lynnderella polishes some day, they're marvelous :D i love the ones you got, they're mostly the ones i would go for! i just stumbled on your blog and i love your header btw :D

  3. I'm dying to see Forget you not," cant wait for swatches!