Saturday, May 05, 2012

Zoya Beach Water Marble

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed in my haul post, I picked up the entire Zoya Beach collection in their Earth Day Promo this year. With the exception of Lara who was backordered, the other five polishes are here and were screaming "water marble with us" to me. In the past I have found that Zoya polishes are the best for water marbling, and while these did work well they were a little more tricky than some of my other Zoyas.

As I mentioned before I used the colours from the Zoya Beach collection, Tracie, Wednesday, Reagan, Shelby, and Arizona! I love how they all look together, I just wish that the marble itself had turned out better. More pics after the jump!

I always put down a white base for my water marbles, and unfortunately this one you can see as the Zoyas didn't cover the entire nail.

Not sure what happened here to get Shelby and Reagan to mix!

My favourite nail is the ring finger, I love the stripes of Wednesday that you can see peeking through Tracie. 

Did you pick up any colours from this collection? What do you think of this water marble?

Thanks for reading!


  1. beautiful! i suck at water marbles

  2. This reminds me of a super comfy beach blanket! So cute!

  3. i think you did an amazing job on this water marble! the colors look fantastic together, and i love how the result turned out looking like flower petals (:

  4. this is holy mother of marbling goodness Grade A awesome !!! xxx