Friday, May 25, 2012

Zoya Neeka

Well this is awkward, I thought I had written up and scheduled this to post only to log in today to find nothing of the sort. My bad! I have another Zoya polish to show you today, one that got quite a bit of attention when it first came out - Neeka!
Maybe I'm just not a purple person, but I don't really like Neeka! Sure, I can appreciate the pretty gold shimmer, and the polish in general reminds me of Crown Royal whiskey, but I'm just not in love. I used two coats of Neeka for these photos and a coat of Seche Vite which did indeed cause shrinking.

Neeka with the flash.
Maybe I would've liked her more if the base wasn't such a dusty purple, I dunno.

What do you guys think of Neeka? Did you purchase her last year when she made her debut? I thought about stamping over this with a gold polish - maybe next time I will!


  1. Neeka was on my "want" list for ages, and then I saw in the store and said, "Eh...maybe not." For me, the dustier a purple, the more I usually like it, and the shimmer is definitely pretty, but somehow the sum of the parts just doesn't quite wow me either like it seems it should. I could *totally* see it stamped over with gold, though--that's a great idea!

  2. PS: My husband loves the name of your blog. ^_-

  3. I love it :) this one is going on my wish list.. But I really love just about everything purple, so that's probably why ;)