Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birthday Manicure

Hi everyone! As some of you may know, today is my 20th birthday, so I have a fun manicure to show you. I  mentioned that I had been experimenting with glequins so that I could use them in this mani, and though they didn't turn out perfectly, the effect is still there.
These are so chic, I'm in love!

As you can see in the photos, I used Quo by ORLY Little Black Dress as the base. I applied the gold glequins using the tip of a dotting tool. I then taped off triangular sections and used Essie Matte About You.

I'm really proud of these, I wish I had been a little more patient in doing them. I guess it's my birthday and there's more important things to do than obsess about manicure details!

Who wants to see what I got?

My parents bought me this super cool watch. Can you believe I'm turning 20 and have never owned a watch?
My boyfriend Dan gave me a Lululemon top that I was really wanting, but I can't find a pic of it right now. My Grandparents sent me a card with some money, and my sister is going to make my boyfriend and I a dinner as soon as I give her a date. 


  1. Happy Birthday! :) It's nice to see Quo by Orly getting some love. It's a fantastic nail polish line!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Kinda really loving that watch! It's gorgeous!

  3. Happy Birthday to you! You share a birthday with DJ BLAZITA, the "Hottest Chick in The Game"! Do you know her yet? : )

    These nails are simply beautiful! I only love them very much!

    Gorgeous Watch you have there! O.O

  4. HAPPY BDAY!! wish you all the best
    how did you do your nails? its very beautiful

    visit my blog ^^

  5. Lovely! That watch looks amazing, Happy birthday!

    Jazz x

  6. happy birthday! Love the manicure and the watch!