Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lynnderella I Don't Mean Rhinestones

Hi everyone! Today I have an absolutely gorgeous combination to show you all that I have been trying hard not to stare at all week long. I couldn't decide which of my Lynnderellas to use until the sun shone in through my window and I couldn't keep my eyes off of I Don't Mean Rhinestones. I know it sounds like I'm kidding, but I'm not, I had no idea how many different colours were in this polish!
Here is two coats of Lynnderella I Don't Mean Rhinestones over two coats of OPI Fly. These colours complement each other absolutely perfectly.

This was really difficult to photograph in the sun because all the different shapes, sizes, and colours of glitters wanted to show off their sparkle.

Mmm, here is a delicious macro shot. Can you guys see the mixture of hex, square, and diamond glitters mixed in with all the little glitters. 

I really think you have to see this in person to be able to appreciate its beauty, but I recommend this wholeheartedly if you're looking to add a Lynn to your collection. 

What do you think of this combination? Do you have a favourite Lynnderella polish?


  1. I completely agree about seeing this in real life. I was totally blown away when I saw it cause it was so much prettier than very photo I'd seen. Why is it so hard to capture the amazing holo in this polish? Looks beautiful on you.

    1. I don't know, but you are so right! I must have taken a hundred photos and none of them looked true to real life. Thank you!

  2. Love this shade on you! It's so sparkly and beautiful!

  3. Beautiful! I wish I had some Lynderellas, theyre all so pretty