Thursday, January 24, 2013

Saran Wrap Manicure ft. OPI Euro Centrale

Hi everyone! Today I have kind of a fun manicure to show you using a technique that's gaining a lot of ground in the nail polish community called a saran wrap manicure. It's really easy and looks super cute, and as you can probably guess you just use regular cellophane to do it. If you're interested in trying this look out for yourself here is a great tutorial by Nailed It.

For this look I started with two layers of OPI Vant To Bite My Neck? I wasn't sure what colour I should use with this gorgeous eggplant shade, but something told me that OPI A Woman's Prague-ative would be a great addition.

This manicure was so shiny that it was difficult for my camera to capture. I really like this combination of colours.

Looks like I should have let the polish on my pink dry a little more because while doing the saran wrap portion of the manicure it took a little of the purple off. Make sure if you try this look that you allow the polish underneath to dry completely!

Have you done any saran wrap manicures? Do you like the marbled texture?

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