Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Max Factor Fantasy Fire

Hi everyone! So I just went through some of my photos and found that I have a bit of a stockpile from late December and early January when I was still in Calgary for the winter break. This allowed me lots of time to work on nails, and I also had that sunlight that I miss so much for swatching. I'm going to queue up these posts over the next few weeks so don't be surprised if my photos and nails look a little different all of a sudden.

Today I have the first of three polishes that my good friend from high school, Melissa, brought me back from England: Max Factor Fantasy Fire. I know the hype over this polish has somewhat died down but I still think it's awesome.
For these photos I layered one coat of Fantasy Fire over OPI Dating a Royal.

Look at that gorgeous red sparkle! For anyone who hasn't seen Fantasy Fire before, it's one of those colour shifting pigments that goes from red to copper to green.

See what I mean? Amazing!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to capture the green side of Fantasy Fire, it was only at extreme angles that it made an appearance. As far as I know, Max Factor polishes are only sold in England.

Do you ever get your friends to bring you polishes when they go traveling? Melissa actually lives in England now, so I pretty much have a permanent supplier :P


  1. Gorgeous! I love Fantasy Fire over blue.

  2. I love this on top of the blue, I would have never thought of that combination!

  3. How have I managed to not hear about this?! I live in the UK - this should already be in my stash! (off to boots I go!)