Saturday, March 09, 2013

Zoya PixieDust - Swatches & Review

Hi everyone! So you probably all saw my last post featuring the Zoya PixieDusts where I featured them in a striping tape manicure, and today I finally have swatches of the entire collection to bring to you.
Keep reading to see all my swatches, I've put it under a jump because there are quite a few!

The first colour I have to show you all is Zoya Vespa and she is a lovely sage green. I used three coats for opacity on Vespa, she was the sheerest of the bunch for me.

I really like Vespa and I don't think my photos do this polish justice. You definitely can't see how sparkly all these colours are which is my favourite part about this collection.

I've been playing around with hand positions so ignore the inconsistency in this post please! 

Godiva is the next colour of the bunch that I bring to you. I had to use three coats for opacity again, but it really paid off. This polish is gorgeous, it's so rare that we get a glittery-sparkly-nude colour! Unfortunately, Godiva is camera-shy and didn't want to cooperate for my photos so you'll have to take my work that she's beautiful.

Next up is Nyx, this is a name I actually recognize from my Introduction to Greek Mythology course in my first year of university. Like the two shades above I used three coats to reach the shown opacity. 

I love that Nyx is a dusty periwinkle shade, I think you could pull off wearing this colour in spring, summer, fall, or winter - it's very versatile.

Zoya Chyna was my absolute hands down favourite from the collection. I had to wait a little longer for Chyna to dry than some of the other polishes in this collection but it was well worth it. This colour is definitely the richest of the bunch, I only used two coats for opacity.

I love Chyna's matte goodness, this polish seems so elegant to me! I don't think I'll wear her much during the upcoming spring and summer months, but come the holiday season I think you'll have a hard time prying my bottle of Chyna out of my hands.

The lovely grey Zoya London is the next polish I bring to you. I wasn't actually crazy about the formula on my bottle of London, it was a bit thinner than the other colours and even though it's a darker hue I needed three coats for opacity. 

I was expecting to like London more than I do, maybe because the colour just falls flat on me. I can imagine some awesome manicures that will come from using London in combination with one of the bright PixieDusts to be released next month!

Last but certainly not least is Zoya Dahlia, my absolute favourite of the bunch. Dahlia looks like coal that has tiny diamonds mixed into it. This colour is amazing and the formula was great too needing only two coats. Dahlia was the sparkliest of the bunch and is so chic. This polish looks less extreme than a regular opaque black polish but it's still edgy.

Can you see why I love Dahlia so much? I think I'm just drawn to the more saturated colours from this collection - which is good news knowing that a new PixieDust collection is on its way with super bright shades.

Overall I do really like this collection. I love that textured polishes are the big thing right now and I really like that Zoya's are so sparkly. They differ from the OPI Liquid Sands in that they have a uniform glitter which is my opinion is neither better nor worse - just different! My picks would be Chyna and Dahlia, but if these muted colours are ones you fall hard for, you won't be wasting your money by purchasing the whole collection. 

The PixieDust polishes retail for $9 and you can find them on Zoya's website.


  1. Love Chyna! My favourite of the bunch!

  2. I think they are all nice, but I don't know, I just don't dig the textured trend...

  3. Wow, great swatches! Thank you :)