Monday, November 14, 2011

Introducing Quo by ORLY

Hello everyone! Today I am really excited because I get to show you one of the polishes from the recent collaboration between Canadian makeup company Quo and American nail giant ORLY to give us up North a greater variety and a better quality option in our drugstore polishes. Available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix locations in Canada the new Quo by ORLY lacquers retail for $10.00 CAN but can sometimes be found on sale for $7.00 CAN. Filthy Rich is a lovely gold foil that I was sent for review by PR and it is included in the Quo by ORLY Holiday Sampler set (more on that later).
For this photo I used three coats of Filthy Rich topped off with one coat of Seche Vite. This is a really pretty gold foil and it's a great basic to have in your polish collection, as soon as I get back home to the rest of my collection I want to compare it to Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Gilty Pleasure. This colour probably has some dupes floating around in the polish word, a unique gold foil is hard to come across, but this is definitely easy to get at your local Shoppers or Pharmaprix and it's good quality. Keep reading for more pictures and a thorough review of my very first Quo by ORLY lacquer.

This is the bottle it comes in, it has a rounded square base and it is 14 mL of polish, whereas a regular ORLY polish is 18 mL and an OPI bottle contains 15 mL. For $10.00 CAN 14 mL seems kind of expensive when you realize that there are polishes that retail for less or close to the price that contain more, but this is a great quality product and it is making ORLY more accessible to Canadians. As I mentioned before I have noticed these polishes on sale a few times, I have no problem paying $7.00 CAN for one of these!

A close up of the bottle and a reflection from my red camera. 

The top of the rubberized lid, isn't that cute? It's just like the O on ORLY lacquers. The cap for this polish is exquisite.

A size comparison with an ORLY bottle and an OPI bottle. 

Flash! Gold polishes aren't usually my thing, they kind of fall flat against my skin tone so I will most likely use this combined with other colours in the future. I used three coats of polish for my swatch photos but I could have gotten away with only one coat if I had wanted to. What's the catch? After applying my first coat I went back to wrap my tips and this is where the problem started, after putting on my second coat you could still see ridges where I had wrapped my tips. On the bright side that means this will be a great stamping polish! (trust me, I've already tried it)

Here's a picture to show the ridges, a third coat was able to cover them up mostly but it was pretty scary.

Overall I really liked this polish even if it's not a colour I would usually go for. I had a bit of wear problems but everyone has different body chemistry and the way one polish wears on me is not necessarily indicative of how it will wear on someone else. I also admit to not using basecoat or wrapping my tips with top coat which was probably a big factor in the tip wear my mani started showing. I definitely think I will be buying more polishes from this new line and I'm thrilled that it's making quality polishes like ORLY available to Canadians! My hopes for this collaboration... I hope to see more interesting and out there polishes like the ones ORLY releases, not your average drugstore reds and pinks. Maybe..dare I say..I would die to see a good Matte Topcoat brought to Canadian drugstores. Is that too much to ask?
While I was at Pharmaprix recently I came across a brilliant discovery and Sarah from PR was nice enough to send me a photo and some information regarding the Quo by ORLY Holiday Sampler set. 
The Quo by ORLY Holiday Sampler set retails for $39.00 CAN and is available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart and Pharmaprix. It includes 18 mini polishes. WOW! Look at that! They're not even all boring reds, that entire top row is calling my name and a few from the bottom too, and look, there's Filthy Rich! This set looks awesome for someone who is just getting into nail polish or even for someone with more experience to try out a new brand with a variety of colours and finishes. 
Thanks so much for reading guys and I hope I did a good job in introducing you to what I think is a great collaboration between ORLY and Quo. 
xoxo Nikki

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