Saturday, June 09, 2012

OPI If You Moust You Moust Comparison

Hi everyone! So this morning I received the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse collection for review, but unfortunately there was severe thunder storms all across the island all day and swatching was going to be impossible. To get a head start for tomorrow, I put on OPI If You Moust You Moust and when I checked the stats on my blogger it told me that I had quite a few people lead to my blog this week while searching for a comparison of this polish, specifically with OPI Strawberry Margarita, so this one is for you guys! Before even swatching the collection I have a comparison post up!
 On my index and ring finger I have OPI If You Moust You Moust, on my middle finger I have OPI Strawberry Margarita, and on my pinky Zoya Shelby. As you can see there are NO dupes here!

 From left to right we have OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips, OPI Strawberry Margarita, OPI If You Moust You Moust, Zoya Shelby, and OPI Pink Friday.

Again this time in indoor lighting.

 A close up of the lighter pink bottles, you can see If You Moust You Moust is darker and more blue-leaning than either of the other two.

If You Moust You Moust is on the right in this photo, it has a blue hue while Strawberry Margarita is much warmer. Kiss Me on my Tulips is too dark to be a dupe for IYMYM, but they are in the same colour family.

Have you guys found any real dupes for this colour yet? Stay tuned - hopefully by tomorrow I'll have my swatches and review of the collection done up!


  1. Thanks for posting this! I love comparisons even when they don't find dupes—especially when they don't find dupes—because I often see alternatives for a shade that I like but isn't quite right for me. I passed on KMOMTL, but now that I see it in context with IYMYM and PF, I think it might be the right pink for me!

  2. Great comparison, thanks.

  3. Thank you hun, I now need them all! xx