Friday, June 29, 2012

Revlon Whimsical

I am so happy to finally have this polish, I've been lemming Revlon Whimsical forever and I couldn't find it anywhere in Montreal. I planned to stop into Walmart once I got home, but before I even had the chance my mom and I went to Superstore to buy some groceries and this practically jumped off the shelf and into our shopping cart.
I bought Zoya Kristin specifically to layer Whimsical over it, and I love this combination.

Look how pretty this is even in the bottle!

This is me still getting used to my new Nikon d40, I hope to bring you better pictures soon! 

Do you have Revlon Whimsical? What about it's Deborah Lippmann sister polish?


  1. Such a great combo! A few weeks ago, I my nails done with Kristen with Zoya's Maisie on top, which was almost what I thought thsi was! Kristen looks amazing with Whimsical!!! Glad you were able to snag Whimsical!

  2. So pretty! Whimsical wasn't released here, so I've had to make do with blue creme + random glitter... I might try to find the similar Tony Moly one though!

  3. I had a chance to buy it and didn't. Huge regret! Anybody want to sell theirs? ;)