Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flirty French

Good morning everyone! I have a fun French mani I did the other day to show you. I usually like to live by Clinton Kelly's advice on French manicures, "Here's the deal about French manicures: I don't HATE them. But every porn star in the world has one. I just think it's time for nice girls to move on," but this was a meet-the-parents mani and so I wanted something conservative.
I am positive I saw this design or something similar in another blogger's 31 Day Challenge, but I can't for the life of me find out who. Does anyone know?

To get this look I used OPI Barre My Soul and OPI Alpine Snow, with a very small nail art brush.

I wish my free edge wasn't visible, but to be honest these macro photos make it a lot more noticeable than in real life.

Do you ever like to wear French manicures? Would you ever try a fun tip like this?


  1. I was trying to work out why I didn't like plain frenches and yeah, that porn star quote hit the nail on the head lol. This is really pretty and different - I think frenches with different colours are ok, but the standard white-and-pink french is going to remind me of porn stars from now on :(