Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lynnderella Inner Space

Hello everyone! Sorry for the little absence over here at Cutie-cles, I was in a car accident this weekend and ended up totaling my (parents') SUV. Nobody was seriously hurt in the accident, but I've had some mild shoulder and back pain, as well as some bruising on my chest and knee. Now of course this hasn't stood in the way of painting my nails physically, but I've been dealing with insurance companies, police reports, rental car companies, and trying to find a suitable new car for my parents to buy, which has kept me pretty busy. The accident was completely the fault of the other driver, so apart from having to put a lot of time into this, thankfully I'm not going to have to pay a tonne of money.

Anyways, that's enough of my lovely weekend, I just wanted to fill you all in and let you know things may be a little slow around here for a bit. Today I have a polish to show you that I actually wore about two weeks ago and never got around to posting for some reason. I am in love with Lynnderella Inner Space, but I really don't like the combination of it with the Essie polish I layered it over, I'll have to pick something better for next time.
So this is two coats of the dynamic and gorgeous Lynnderella Inner Space over four freaking coats of Essie A Crewed Interest. Four coats...unbelievable. If this mani turned out amazing maybe I wouldn't be as bitter, but the formula on the Essie just plain sucks - runny and sheer!

Inner Space on the other hand if just perfection! I love love love all the different glitters going on in this - it reminds me of if Connect the Dots and The Glittering Crowd had a baby.

I really enjoyed the star glitter, although due to the extreme curvature of my nails it wouldn't lay down flat. I managed to make it smooth(ish) with topcoat, but peeled the star off a day later.

I know I've been promising you a chance to win a Lynnderella in a giveaway for ages, and I'm just waiting on one more prize to arrive in the mail to get things launched!

What do you think of Inner Space, do you love it as much as I do? What colour do you suggest I layer it over for the next time I wear it?


  1. This glitter is amazing! I think it would look good over a deeper, richer colour.

    Sorry about your accident, I'm glad to hear you're okay.

    1. Thank you Julie, I'm so happy that all four people involved were able to walk away from the accident with only minor bruising, what luck!

      That's a great idea, I was worried about washing the glitter out in this since there are so many colours I didn't want to choose one that would blend in with the base colour.

  2. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear about what happened - I'm glad you are okay though :)

    I actually like this combination, however I'm wondering what it would look like over a bright (nearly neon) color? Or even mattified... Hmm :)

  3. I'm thinking of putting it over a blood-red colour. Hope you feel better soon!