Friday, October 12, 2012

OPI Skyfall - Comparisons

Hi everyone! I have a crazy busy weekend and approximately one hundred papers due next week, so I'm not sure how much you'll be hearing of me for in the next little while. Just as I promised when I swatched the OPI Skyfall collection for you, I have some comparisons to other polishes today.
So blue has never really been my colour, until recently. When will OPI stop releasing so many awesome blue shades?! I fell in love with OPI Tomorrow Never Dies and while I couldn't find an exact dupe, maybe these photos will help some of you decide whether or not you need to purchase this colour.

I'm not sure what on earth happened with the bubbling and Tomorrow Never Dies, but I can assure you that in my initial swatches it did not behave this way. I imagine this was from my rushed application.

I used two coats of each polish for the above photos.

Now it gets confusing because I didn't put the bottles in the same order as I put them on my nails, oops! From left to right, we have OPI Blue My Mind, JOE Fresh Grape, OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, OPI Into the Night, and OPI Unfor-Greta-bly blue. Unfor-Greta-bly Blue was so different it wasn't even worth swatching it on a nail to show the comparison, it's much more teal.

Again, from left to right, we have OPI Blue My Mind, JOE Fresh Grape, OPI Tomorrow Never Dies, OPI Into the Night, and OPI Unfor-Greta-bly blue.

I think JOE Fresh Grape is the closest, but it isn't easy to find for anyone who isn't located in Canada. It's also a smaller bottle and has an awful formula. My pick is the OPI.

The only other polish from this collection that I had polishes similar enough to compare with was OPI You Only Live Twice. Here I have compared it with some other recent OPI releases, from the Vintage Minnie Mouse Collection, the new Designer Series shades for Fall 2012, and a throwback to the Burlesque Collection a few years ago.

Again, these polishes are all similar but there is no dupe in my stash. In my opinion, they're all very different and I'm happy to own all four since pink is my favourite colour, but maybe these are similar enough to you that you only need to own one!

These polishes are in the same order as they are shown on my nails, so from left to right OPI I'm All Ears, OPI You Only Live Twice, OPI The Show Must Go On, and OPI DS Indulgence.

I think You Only Live Twice is the only one of these four that is a true fuchsia colour. I'm All Ears has blue shimmer, The Show Must Go On is a weak, but obvious, orange and pink duochrome, and DS Indulgence is  darker and much too gold.

Did these comparison posts help you decide on any of the Skyfall polishes?


  1. Great comparisons, thank you! I'm probably going to pass on Tomorrow Never Dies but definitely pick up You Only Live Twice!

  2. I was just wondering how Tomorrow Never Dies compares to OPI-Ink?


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  4. Thanks for the comparison photos. I have some of the shades you compared the new collection too...and while they aren't dupes I think they are close enough for me to pass them by.