Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Valmy Color 37

Hola a todos! Today I have a special polish to show you that my best friend Sofía picked up for me in Venezuela. Sofía went travelling this summer and also picked me up a polish from Italy, which you'll have a chance to see soon, but I wasn't expecting her to bring me one from Venezuela. Last August when I was there I went to the drugstore but all the Valmy brand polishes I could find were boring neutrals and reds, and I never ended up choosing one to bring home with me. Somehow, Sofía managed to find me this gorgeous gem and I am excited to show it to you.
From what I gather on their website, Valmy is available in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Curaçao. To access the website in English, select Curaçao as your country.

Color 37 is a gorgeous fuchsia with blue microshimmer that you can not help but stare at. Too bad the name does it no justice.

Look at that microshimmer! It looks purple in the shade, but when the sun hit's the bottle it's bright blue.

So, this nail polish does indeed contain Formaldehyde, which doesn't really bother me because I'm not planning on ingesting it, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I was under the assumption that Formaldehyde helped with the quick drying of nail polish, but this was no faster than your average OPI polish, so maybe I was misinformed.

Wearing this colour made me feel like a barbie, or maybe a rich housewife on one of those TV shows. It was so loud and eyecatching, I am a huge fan.

This polish reminds me of the inverse of Girly Bits' Arctic Sunrise, instead of light blue base with fuchsia glitter it has the opposite. 

I hope none of you have fallen too deeply in love with this polish, because I have a feeling it'll be difficult for you to get your hands on. What do you think of Valmy Color 37? Are you a sucker for a bold microshimmer?

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  1. HOLY WOW this is seriously gorgeous!! I'm now on a mission to find an easier to get dupe of this. It is HOT!