Friday, September 21, 2012

Candeo Joker

Hi everyone! Who else is excited that it's Friday? I finish class at 10 am today, so I am getting a nice, early, start to my weekend. Today I have another lovely indie polish to show you, this one by Candeo Colors - described on their website as a "clear base with blue, purple, lavender and periwinkle hex glitter." I decided to stray away from the light purples that I usually see this layered over, I decided to try it over a more neutral colour. I chose Berlin There, Done That from OPI's recent Germany collection.
Shown is two easy coats of Candeo Joker. This polish was very easy to apply and it was less bumpy than my previous experience with an indie, which was CrowsToes Gomez. I definitely could have worn this without topcoat and it wouldn't have snagged on anything, but to get the added dimension and shine that topcoat adds I put on one layer of Seche Vite.

Look at this close up of all those pretty glitters, I am in love with this polish. The colours are so beautiful and I love all the different shapes and sizes of glitter.

Here is a macro bottle shot for you guys!

I really like the way this looks over the taupe OPI colour, and I can already envision a tonne of other polishes to layer it over.

I love love love the Candeo bottles, look at that cute chameleon! Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately if you're not a big fan, they've changed there bottles and the labels will now be printed on them directly (like an OPI or China Glaze bottle). 
Now I'm sure all of you are dying to get your paws on Candeo Colors Joker after seeing how gorgeous it is. You can find this polish at Llarowe's website when it is in stock for $12.00. A lot of people are turned off of indie polishes because of the "mad rush" to get them, but I'll be honest with you, when I snapped up my Llarowe order most of the ones I wanted remained available for at least 10 minutes. All you need to do is follow Llarowe on facebook and when she announces the restock - hop onto the site and make your purchase!
Alternatively, you can purchase this polish directly from the Candeo website for only $9.00. I haven't ordered from this website before, but I have heard only good things.

I hope you enjoyed seeing this lovely indie polish! I know some people are worried about the quality of indies, but I wouldn't recommend something to you guys that I didn't truly think was a great product. Do you have any favourite indies? Which would you recommend to me to try?


  1. Ooo I absolutely love this over the taupe base! I have yet to try anything from Candeo but I hear that their stuff is excellent!

  2. Soo pretty! I love taupe polish, and the added pop of colour that the glitter gives is just awesome!