Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Lacquer - Swatches & Review

Happy Monday, readers! Now if you're anything like me, you're already looking forward to next weekend, so why not get in the spirit with a new indie line! I originally contacted Erin of Weekend Lacquer to create a custom polish for me, but she pointed out that she was still very new at the world of selling on Etsy, so I offered to do a review of some of her polishes to get the word out! We didn't up collaborating this time for a custom giveaway polish, but after seeing the quality of these lacquers she is absolutely someone I will keep in mind for the future.
I know some people are getting tired of seeing similar indies over and over again, so let me make this clear, these polishes are not just glitter topcoats. They are all pigmented and they can easily be worn on their own. Erin was sweet enough to provide me with one full sized 15 mL bottle and three of her minis from the Fairy Tale Collection to swatch for you today.

In these photos I'm showing you three coats of Magic Lamp by itself. It quickly ate through the one coat of OPI topcoat I used, so I would recommend using a thicker one like Gelous if you need a smooth touch.

Do you see how complex this polish is? It is SO much more than just a glitter top coat run-of-the-mill indie polish.

I love all the different types of glitter in Magic Lamp.

This is how this colour looks in the shade, so beautiful.

A macro bottle shot, isn't this just to die for?
This awesome purple polish is called Wicked Queen and it is so gorgeous. Again, I would recommend either a thick topcoat or multiple coats because this glitter is hungry!

Here's an on the nail macro for you. Like all of her other polishes, Wicked Queen is full of all different types of glitter giving it a very interesting and unique look.

I used three coats of Wicked Queen for my swatch photos.

Here's where I fall in love - look at this polish in the shade! It looks so deep.

Another macro bottle shot for you to enjoy.

Here we have Glass Slipper. This polish reminds me of crushed up diamonds! I used three coats for the opacity shown in the photos.

This one was SO shiny I could hardly get nice pictures of it.

This was a surprise favourite for me, looking at the bottle I thought it would be a little too frosty for my liking but it's not even frosty in the least!

Here is a bottle shot, how many different types of glitter can you count? These polishes are so expertly crafted and multi-dimensional.

Last but not least we have Poisoned Apple. I can definitely see this being a colour I reach for over and over again in fall, it reminds me of fall leaves and apples and spices. This was the only polish that only took two coats for opacity!

I love how this looks! Poisoned Apple is not quite as jam packed full of glitter as the other polishes, but this also means it doesn't eat top coat as badly.

Look how pretty that shimmer is in the sunlight!

Here's a bottle shot! I didn't think I would end up liking this one, but I was pleasantly surprised.

Overall, I would definitely recommend these polishes. If you're bored of seeing countless glitter topcoats, Weekend Lacquer is definitely worth checking out. Erin offers a quality product and she was a delight to communicate with.
These polishes are absolutely full of glitter which can make application a little challenging, but it's nothing detrimental. I have no other complaints about Weekend Lacquer.

You can check Weekend Lacquer out on Etsy by following this link. Full sized bottles retail for $9.00 each. To keep up to date, I recommend following Weekend Lacquer on facebook which you can do here

The polishes in this post were generously provided to me for my unbiased opinion.

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