Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Llarowe Haul

Hi everyone! Today I have a short little post because I've been running around getting things sorted out to head back to university next week. I wanted to show you the really exciting package that came for me in the mail yesterday! Last time Llarowe restocked Candeo and CrowsToes I decided that I finally wanted to purchase my very first indies and so I stalked the website for half an hour with the help of my F5 key. I was able to get everything I wanted! Would you like to take a look?
From left to right we have Candeo Divebomb, Candeo Joker, CrowsToes Gomez, CrowsToes Cheshire, and CrowsToes Absolum.

This little note was enclosed!

Now - I may or may not be hosting a giveaway sometime soon - and I need your opinions. Would you rather see Candeo Divebomb or CrowsToes Absolum in a giveaway? Why?

In preparation for a giveaway that may happen sometime in the next month, I have added a new way to follow Cutie-cles to the sidebar, so it's now easier to follow via Bloglovin! Just click this link!


  1. Great haul! I just purchased Joker, too :). I would say Divebomb, just because I like the formula of Joker!

  2. Joker! Because I love purple glitter ;)

    Good luck with your back to school preps!