Thursday, September 13, 2012

CrowsToes Gomez

Hi everyone! Sorry for my little absence, school started this week and things have been surprisingly hectic! Today I have one of the polishes that came in my Llarowe order to show you all, the beautiful and complex CrowsToes Gomez! This polish is jam packed full of glitter, and is the first indie polish that I have had the privilege of trying (apart from Lynnderellas, but are those indies? Let's not get into that). I didn't have to place any of the glitter, and there was a tonne on the brush every time I dipped it into the bottle. I layered this beauty over top of Illamasqua Load.
I love this polish. Period. I love it I love it I love it.

Are you seeing all these types of glitters? Different sizes, different colours, different shapes, this is how you make a captivating indie polish.

I know some people don't like bar glitter because they think it looks hairy, but the bar glitter in this is so sparse that it really only adds dimension and not any type of hairy feeling at all!

I love how this looks in the shade because you can see all the colours of glitter so brightly, the different blues, the purple, the yellow, the black, it all works together so perfectly.

Here's a little bonus photo infront of one of the roses that my boyfriend gave me. What a perfect, perfect man, he brought me a dozen red roses and took me out for dinner!

Here are the two colours that I used!


  1. Are you back in Mtl or did you transfer? Just curious! :) Beautiful roses, too.
    I've LOVE Load. I wish my Sephora carried it, I might have to settle on ordering it online.

    1. I'm in Calgary for one semester, but I'll be back in Montreal come January!

      I asked my roommate who is from New Jersey to pick it up for me over the border, I knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately, I think the formula leaves much to be desired :(

  2. That combo is amazing!! Wish I could get my hands on this one :P

    1. Thanks Shelby! It honestly wasn't as hard as I was expecting to grab the indies I wanted, I think they stayed up on the Llarowe site for about 12 minutes before selling out!