Sunday, December 23, 2012

OPI Euro Centrale - Swatches & Review

The moment you've all been waiting for... Finally some swatches of the OPI Euro Centrale polishes I showed you in my previous post here!

Euro Centrale is due to come out for Spring/Summer of 2013, and I do think this collection truly epitomizes a European getaway in the summer. The colors are fresh and bright, but not too flashy at the same time. It really does remind me of my vacation that I had this past summer, where everywhere I went I saw beautiful and bright scenery, fashion-forward people, and just that European flare. 

This was such a hyped collection, and rightfully so. These are some nice polishes people! Pics after the jump :)

You're Such a BudaPest - cute lilac that goes on very sheer and requires 2-3 coats to achieve opacity. Sort of dulled or muddied so not perfectly sharp purple!

Can't Find My Czechbook! - By far my favorite of the collection! A lovely sky blue polish that goes on creamily and require 2-3 coats for opacity. Definitely reminds me of the sky in Menton, France <3

Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! - coral pink creme that screams fun in the sun with bikinis and sunglasses! 2-3 coats once again, and a staple for any girly girl!

OY-Another Polish Joke! - umm... just... yeah... dislike a lot.. This is literally 5 coats on top of a white polish, and it still doesn't look opaque. I don't know if it's just me but this color is ugly on my nails and I'm not sure how I'd ever pull it off. Definitely sheer!

I Saw...U Saw...We Saw...Warsaw - a navy blue creme that goes on smooth and opaque with about 2 coats, 3 for optimal results. I don't know why but when it came to the darker colors in this collection I liked the brushes better. Or maybe I just liked the formulation better, whatever it was this is probably my second favorite from the stash (as you can tell I like blue polishes!) 

^ This is the most true to life photo

Vant to Bite my Neck? - eggplant purple creme that goes on just like the navy blue polish above! This one is a really rich color, it's so different from all the other polishes I received from this collection. It was also really hard to photograph because my camera kept picking up the blue tones instead of the warmer purple tones... But this is definitely an eggplant dark purple!

 - wide range of colors that are perfect for spring/summer season
 - nice coverage with 2-3 coats depending on which polish
 - dark colors had better brush than the others
 - fits with theme very nicely

 - formulation is generally pretty thin, not the typical OPI formula
 - OY-Another Polish Joke! was horrible in my opinion
 - pastels are slightly generic and dupable, but that's alright because they're pretty!

Overall I'm very pleased with this collection and I really really hope you guys get a chance to check them out when they are released in stores! I think you'll find this refreshing after the winter season, especially if you live in good 'ol Canada like Nikki and I do! This brings a little European flare to your nails, perfect for a little getaway! Which ones are your fave from this collection so far? 

Thanks for reading! Have yourselves a Merry Christmas filled with love and joy!



  1. And a cameo by the most infuriatingly creepy and stupid book ever written, lol (my apologies if it's a fave). My coworker told me that his younger brother actually threw the thing across the room upon reading the ending. Anyhoo, polish! The lilac and the navy are my favorites. So fun to see a preview of this collection:)

  2. i cant wait to get my hands on these polishes!! i will definitely get the czeckbook one and hands off my kielbasa. I am also very interested in i saw, u saw, warsaw but now that I have seen a swatch i am curious as to how it compares to ski till we drop...
    the gold one would perhaps be wearable as a layering polish... to me, it seems that it is supposed to be the gold counterpart to happy anniversary. maybe layer over a pale warm-tone colour??
    i m also super-excited to see the glitter... but i will still have to wait a while

    enjoy your polishes and happy holidays :))

  3. These are gorgeous!! I'm in love with Can't Find My Czechbook! Happy holidays <3

  4. I own Can't find my czechbook and I completely love it! I have to say though, in real life the colour isn't as bright as these pictures show; it's more like a vibrant, yet soft and dusty shade. It is just gorgeous, but the pictures don't do it justice in my opinion. But well, blues and purples are very hard to capture on camera....