Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 Blog Resolutions

Hi everyone! 2012 has been a great year for me and for Cutie-cles, which has come further than I thought possible in a year. Last New Year's Eve, I wrote some blog resolutions to complete, now let's see if any of them happened.

"1. Reach 50 000 pageviews
2. Reach 300 lovely followers 
3. Make sure that every mani I post is of good quality, I really want to minimize tip wear, chips, and messy cuticles
4. Do a nail art challenge! The 30 days one seems super fun, but I don't know if I could keep up, especially during the busy semester..hmm..
5. Swatch some more collections! Swatching the Nicki Minaj polishes was so much fun and having so many people tell me that my swatches helped them make a decision on which polishes from the collection to pick up felt really good!"

Number one and two were completed, number three was definitely improved, number four happened in August 2012, and number five was for the most part completed! I honestly never thought that the popularity of this blog would skyrocket as it has. Can you believe that exactly one year ago today we had 67 followers and 13 171 pageviews? 2012 has been a hugely successful year!

Now it's time to think about where I would like to go with the blog in the next year, and I have big big plans already. I want to keep expanding the blog and perhaps making it more professional, so here come the goals! For reference if I'm looking back at this on the eve of next New Year's, we are currently at 571 followers and 148 200 pageviews!

1. Reach 300 000 pageviews
2. Reach 900 lovely followers
3. Keep ensuring that my manicures are of excellent quality. In my opinion, constantly posting manicures that show tip wear, chips, and poor clean up shows that I don't care much about the blog, which isn't true at all. I value this blog so much which is why I strive for the highest quality of posts, but once in a while you'll have to cut me some slack because I'm far from perfect!
4. Participate in at least 2 nail art challenges. Doing the 31 day challenge last year was, well, extremely challenging. Looking back on it, it was also very rewarding and a lot of fun. I hope to participate in it again this coming August, and I would like to throw in another nail art challenge somewhere - theme still undecided.
5. Become more active on social media. I have set up a Facebook page for the blog, as well as a Pinterest page, but it's hard to find time to post in all these different places.

Those are goals that I hope to reach with the blog, but I also have some personal-yet-blog-related goals to share with you.

1. Use topcoat on every manicure! I get lazy with this but looking back on some of my nail art you can see textures and bumps and it's really off-putting. It doesn't necessarily have to be Seche Vite, because sometimes my manicures stay on for less than twelve hours, but some sort of topcoat is a necessity!
2. Buy my own domain. I love blogger's hosting system, so in all likelihood I would do it through them. I feel like it looks and sounds more professional than having a website with "blogspot" in the name, also it's easier to remember! Bonus!
3. Purchase my own business cards. So often I find myself explaining my blog to people and they seem so interested, but I doubt they remember the URL I rattle off at them to check it out. I think having my own set of business cards is the way to go.
4. Swatch an entire 8 or 12 piece collection. This is a personal goal because I see it as a great accomplishment to be considered a good enough blogger to be entrusted with swatching and reviewing a whole collection!

Thanks so much for reading, not only this post, but every time you visit my blog! I can't wait to have an even bigger and better 2013 with all of you, and new followers too. I hope you all have a very fun and very safe New Year's Eve, cheers!

xoxo, Nicole


  1. Congratulations on your awesome blog, and I know that you will do amazing things with it in 2013. :D
    Have a happy new year!!!

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year to you and everyone around you! :)

  2. Great resolutions for the blog.

    I too will try to make some for my blog. These are neat.
    Congrats on achieving what you wrote of the other year.
    Your page views doubled what you wrote. Oh even almost triple!!! Awesome.
    Happy New Year sugar!!! Whooo hoo.. Here's to many more polishes and awesomeness in our lives!

    1. Thank you, best wishes for you in the new year! Here's to some excellent polish collections becoming ours!

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