Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Ten Manicures of 2012

Hi everyone! I wasn't originally planning on doing this, but seeing all the other blogger's round ups of their favourite manicures over the past year inspired me to do one myself.

Coming up in number ten is my faux Connect the Dots manicure. This was literally less than a week before all the Lynnderella drama started happening and I had been so desperate to get my hands on this polish that I was sick of waiting for my turn (as an M) on the Llarowe wishlist system, so I opted to make my own! I just used a dotting tool and tried to recreate the look of this gorgeous polish. I know this look isn't too beautiful on its own, but it sure was creative and it eventually led to me getting all the Lynnderellas I could possibly want! To check out this manicure that I did way back in February, click right here!
Popping in at number nine is the REAL Lynnderella Connect the Dots. After all the effort I went through to get my hands on this polish it definitely did not disappoint. I did this one over a gorgeous blue gradient and I loved this look so much. To see my post on the real Connect the Dots, you can click right here.
Holy crap, Lynnderellas are sweeping up another spot here in number 8! This manicure blew (blue!) me away because I never thought that I would love this Lynnderella so much. The addition of the OPI Man With the Golden Gun topcoat really makes this stand out. To check my original post on this out you can click this link here.

So, my Royal Copenhagen nails didn't go over as well as I expected with you guys, but I was in love with them. That's okay, maybe they're an acquired taste. If you want to check out this post I did just a couple days ago you can click here.

Wow, throwback! Not the best execution, but I can't get over the colour combination of these nails. I still love them. Maybe I should try it again. Here's a link!

Ugh, polka dots, bows, AND a gradient? Could this be any better? I used this to enter a nail art contest and I didn't win anything, but I was extremely proud. Check it out right over here!

Now we're getting into more recent manicures, number four is one that I did for the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge. I was so happy that my striping work with the patches was crisp and clean! This one is definitely worth a visit, which you can do right here.
Another one that I did this past summer that I'm very proud of. I saw this design in a newspaper and thought it was so elegant. You can visit the original post of this number three manicure right here.

Bleeding Hearts! I love these flowers just as much as I love this manicure. It took me quite a while but it was definitely worth it. To check this gorgeous manicure out you can visit the post right here!

Drumroll please for the number one manicure of the year - my tribal nails from the 31 Day Challenge! Everything about this manicure is perfection, the lines, the colour combination, just everything is great! Do you like this look as much as I do? Pay this post a visit right here!

Do you all agree with my choices? Did any make the list that you really didn't care for, or did I forget to mention some of your favourites?

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