Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dotting Tools

Today I just wanted to show you my new dotting tools that I can NOT get enough of! I ordered them on ebay and they ended up costing less than $2 CAN, with free shipping. Of course, they took a while to get here coming from China but since I didn't have to pay for shipping I'm not complaining.

Five dotting tools came in the set. They all have one end that differs which is pictured above.

The other end of the dotting tools appears to be the same size, but that's okay because it's an ideal size!

Here you can see one of them next to a pen to compare for size.


  1. I got the exact same ones and I love them!! Have fun playing around with them!

  2. I think I ordered the same set few days ago =)
    Can't wait to have them!