Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here Today... Aragón Friday

Today I have OPI's Here Today Aragón Tomorrow from the Spain collection to show you, and I feel like it's pretty appropriate since I have my last final on Thursday which is Spanish Literature and then on Friday I am GONE back home for the break! This polish..well I can't say I loved it as much as I thought I would. I'm pretty sure I bought it for the name, and it turned out looking black on me all the time. It was so hard to get the green to show and people kept wondering why I had painted my nails such a sad colour, but that's okay. I'm glad another untried is off my list!
I'm trying a new thing by putting this photo in a larger size, do you like it like this? The formula on this was less than desirable, it was pretty runny. I only used two coats for this swatch but there were some uneven patches.  Keep reading for a few more pictures and to see it in some different lights.

Unfocused flash photo but this is probably the most green I have ever seen from this polish.

This is how it looked the majority of the time.

Hope everyone's finals are going well, stay tuned because I have a brilliantly gorgeous polish to show you next time. 
xoxo, Nikki

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