Thursday, December 15, 2011

Teenage Dream

Hello everyone! If you're reading this that means it's Thursday and it means today I officially finish my last final exam and will be frantically packing to catch my 7 am flight on Friday! Today I have a polish that very recently joined my collection, and by very recently I mean I bought it on Monday. See, there's this little shop that I know of that still has the entire Burlesque line (minus Sparklicious), the entire Shrek collection, and until yesterday they still had the entire Katy Perry collection, but I bought the last bottle of Teenage Dream. I wanted to treat myself after my double-header exams on Monday but it was hard to decide between What's With the Cattitude and Teenage Dream, but in the end the pretty holo sparkles won me over. This polish is actually unlike anything I've ever seen before, it's a clear base filled with pink microglitter and holo-pink tiny hex glitter. The glitter in this lacquer is unlike anything I've ever seen, there's no better way to describe it than eye catching.
For my swatch I used three coats of Teenage Dream. I was thinking of layering it over a light pink but I really like the effect that's given off by using this polish by itself. You're going to want to keep reading for more pictures!

Look at all that holo glitter!

Close up mimicking shade conditions.

I had trouble deciding whether it was hexagonal or circular glitter, but I'm fairly sure it's all hex.

Thanks for reading guys, and hopefully the next time you see a post from me it means I'll be home and reunited with my family, friends and polish stash.
xoxo, Nikki

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  1. Can you still get both the Burlesque & Shrek collections? I'm willing to give you monies to buy some of them and ship them to Halifax if you're up for that? :) Let me know!