Wednesday, January 04, 2012

At the Beach

Well..I can always wish I was at the beach, can't I? Not that I should complain too much, it has been a VERY mild winter so far this year for Canada, but it's always nice to go to the beach and with the polish I have on today I can pretend I'm there! I have Essie's Beach Bum Blu, which might be the first time an Essie has been posted on this blog, although definitely not the first time I've worn one. This past summer I alternated between Beach Bum Blu and Jamaica Me Crazy on my toenails, since we were allowed to wear flip flops to work ( was American Eagle..not that strict of a dress code). After photographing this polish I'm not sure I will wear it on my fingers because it is a little streaky but it is great for my toes!
It gives me lobster hands to some extent, but it's such a pretty colour I can put up with it for a little while. I used two coats of Beach Bum Blu for my photos, which you can see more of after the jump!

Flash brings out the streaks, so be careful with application.

Sunlight! I just want to be sitting on a beach with water that matches this polish and maybe sipping some blue Curaçao infused beverage. Well, I better keep wishing! 
xoxo - Nikki

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  1. Such a pretty color, but that finish? It makes me shudder...