Monday, January 16, 2012

Ni Rosas Ni Juguetes

So, if you hadn't noticed this is going to give it away, I am still posting photos that I took while I was at home. Today I have a pretty little mani I did for my Mama while I was there. She gives me free reign over her nails when I'm at home, especially after the success that was the Christmas mani that I did for her. I think my mom really liked these nails, I know it's something I want to try on myself soon. Without further adieu..roses!
The background colour is China Glaze For Audrey, the roses are made using OPI Strawberry Margarita and Pink Friday, the leaves were OPI Green-wich Village and Did It On 'Em. What do you guys think? Keep reading for more pictures and a strange coincidence..

My mom's still learning the proper "polish bottle" pose..haha!

After I picked out the colours and did this mani, my mom mentioned that it was familiar and she went and pulled this little box out of her room! Isn't that a fun coincidence? 

She also found this pretty little plate which looks cute with her rose nails! My mom studied Horticulture and Floristry in college so she proceeded to name out all the different types of flowers on this plate...riiiiiiight. ;)

She made me include this photo, I think she likes the flowers against the texture of her bath robe. 

Are we related? 

I hope you guys liked this post! I like doing other people's nails because then I don't have to work with my crappy left hand, haha! Do you ever do anyone elses nails for them?

xoxo Nikki


  1. aww those are such sweet nails! It looked like your mom really liked them!!