Saturday, January 07, 2012

We Drew Our Own Constellations

Hello everyone! Happy weekend! Actually, I'm not too happy it's the weekend, because I go back to Montreal tomorrow night which means.. cooking, cleaning, none of my friends and family from home, and perhaps worst of all no dog. You know how some people get bored over the holidays and want to get back to their routine? That's not me.

Today I have one of my untrieds for you that I spiced up a little! I usually don't like how blues look on me and I decided OPI Russian Navy would probably just disappoint me, so I hadn't tried it until now. This polish is SO pretty.. I'm actually considering taking it to Montreal with me if only because it would make a perfect background for a galaxy mani..hmm. While not wanting to go full galaxy I decided to dot constellations on my nails with Revlon Metallic. I only needed one coat of Russian Navy for this look, although two probably would have been nice to even it out.
Do you know which constellations these are? Keep reading for more pics and to find out!

My index finger is Orion, one of the most easily recognized constellations by the belt! My middle finger has the Big Dipper, which is my favourite constellation. Is that cliché? Cassiopeia graces my ring finger and Cygnus the swan is on my pinky. 

These remind me of my dad, he LOVES everything about the night sky. When I was little he bought me a Get To Know the Constellations book and told me that he would give me $50 when I could point out and name every constellation in the book. Needless to say, that never happened, but he didn't mention a time limit so maybe I should get started..

Here's Russian Navy by itself with flash.

What is going on in this bottle? Is this polish blue or purple..and this red shimmer? Gorgeous.

See? All the blue and red mix to give it a purple colour under some lights! 

I hope you guys liked my simple take on a constellation mani, I'm going to go enjoy the little time that I have left in Calgary. xoxo - Nikki

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