Monday, January 09, 2012

Jamaica Me Crazy

How about a nice bright fuchsia to colour your Monday happy! Today I have Essie Jamaica Me Crazy to show you. My mom is going on a cruise at the end of this month which stops in Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica! I told her she HAS to paint her toenails with this before she leaves, and then I regretted leaving my bottle of OPI Cozu-melted in the Sun in Montreal. Jamaica Me Crazy is a beautiful shimmery magenta-fuchsia colour and I used two coats for the photos below.
Keep reading for some more photos!

Inside this polish falls kind of flat.

Nothing too special about it in the shade..

but WOW look at it sparkle in the sun! Look at all that microglitter.

There is a little bit of VNL on my middle finger, but it wasn't noticeable in person, I swear!

Overall, probably not my favourite polish to wear on my fingers, but for toes I think it's a beauty! Tomorrow you'll see a little experiment I added over this mani. I hope anyone else who started school today had an awesome first day back.
xoxo - Nikki

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